"And to think that every time we voted for them, we silenced in us this cry ' neither gods nor master '.” Rooms of the Ethnography Museum of Geneva. I strolled daydreaming. And humming that old song of Renaud, a French singer. I was tired. I came from Rome and was waiting for my connection for Paris. This time I didn't really know why I came into the museum... Read more
Here comes the summer... I went to southern Italy to see some friends for my holiday. As I passed through Rome, I planned to stop there to visit the Italian capital. I especially wanted to discover the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. Read more
Beer mugs are flying, insults are raining and tables are crashing! What happens? Well, we are at Guido's pub, the pub where we love three things: drinking, fighting and debating! Today, we argue about the ancient city of Palmyra that is, at the time of writing, under threat from Isis terrorists. It made us reflect on our powerlessness in the face of such destruction of a Historical Heritage of Mankind. Some think that nothing can be done, others that we must not remain inactive. So, in an atmosphere heated by alcohol, the discussion went south ... Here is a summary of the battle. Read more
Tuesday, closing day for many museums …. at last! On this sunny afternoon I decided to go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation which is in the zoological gardens of Boulogne near Paris. Read more
Today we grapple with an existential question for all heritage explorers, the question of which parts of our body absorb the contents of a visit? Is it through our eyes? And our hands, they remain in our pockets, our ears are clogged and we have a gas mask on our face?! Is an exhibition made ​​only to be seen? In your opinion, how many of our senses are titillated during a visit? Come on, we'll sort it out... Read more
Enter now, Germaine Tillion! Do us the great honor of being the first guest of our temple of heritage heroes, you, the ethnologist with a hundred lives, who has done more than collect a sensitive and intangible heritage, who has grasped the true meaning of this quest. You will feel yourself at home here... Read more
It was already night and I still had not found the Venus de Milo. Recently arrived in Paris, I had gone to the Louvre, like any tourist worthy of the name. In the closing hours of course! Read more
The shock of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Copenhagen and Tunis has sparked different reactions: anger, revolt, an urge to debate or otherwise fear: fear of the amalgamation, fear of others or simply physical fear. Inevitably, museums found themselves face to face with that fear. Some have opted for self-censorship. Were they right? Read more
Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to present you my new magic trick! More dangerous than the cut and restore rope trick, more innovative than the sawing a woman in half trick, more impressive than the headscarf which disappears trick, I will try to achieve the impossible: transform cultural practice into a game. Without trickery! Read more
Ah ! He annoys me! This guy is such a jerk... What? Who do I mean? Why does he annoy me? How did I meet him? Why... Wait! Stop it! Did I ask you something?! Well, if you really have time to waste, I'll tell you... Read more
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaal! Goal goal goal gooooooooooooooooal! What a goal! Fantastic! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Damn it, what an extraordinary goal! Is this real? Ohhhhlalalalalalala! Opopopopopop! Oh my goodness! What a goal! Read more
ou ravenous people! You want to devour culture, feed your brain with guided tours, take your dose of knowledge, and eat at will the salad of ideas? You came here to gorge yourself... And you did well! Welcome to “chez Guido”! Read more
One day, I took some friends to a natural history museum on a "Peacock raid". These friends were always asking me: "Hey! Guido, why do you persist in cultivating yourself? Do you really think people give a damn about discovering a monument or a garden, walking around a museum, and listening to you? Read more
I address this open letter to all officials employed in caring for culture. Read more
Culture, you left me cold! I saw you far off, like a big taciturn cat, but you never touched me, I didn’t smell you, I remained deaf to your clumsy calls, you awoke in me no appetite. Read more
I am now twenty-five years old and I have had many adventures. Read more
Hello. My name is Guido, and I am a guide. How did I get here? First I was born. And then it was just a succession of nonsensical events. Let me tell you ... Read more
Mario is a tourist. He glides through the gallery of a museum like a fish, he has little motivation because he is afraid of the weight of history that surrounds him. He wants to quickly reach the exit to take a breather and rest. He tells his friends that everything went well. Read more